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Cutout Watreco is a market driven research and innovation company in cleantech. With an innovative and sustainable approach under the principle "from Nature to Industy", Biomimetic, the company develop and sell energy efficient products and systems for water treatment on a global market. The solutions are based on the patented Vortex Generator and the technology platform VPT - Vortex Process Technology.


Energy savings with Realice

Watreco focus is to deliver energy-saving and sustainable solutions. We start with the customer needs, combined with the patented vortex generator. Our goal is to use innovative thinking and an innovative approach to develop, sell and deliver systems and solutions that work with nature, not against it. We call it - in harmony with nature. Within the energy sector, we have among other things, product Realice for ice rinks and arenas.

Watreco IVG

Watreco IVG - Solves limescale problems

Watreco represents innovation. Watreco is a company that deals with water treatment in the science and technology front. Our patent is largely based on nature's own principles. Watreco IVG solves limescale problems and provide lower costs for maintenance of cooling towers and other industrial processes. Our Watreco IVG cover most needs in the market with regard to pressure and flow.


Flexibility - create your own OEM solution

We do not always have ready solutions for all needs. There, we solve the customer's unique project in which we develop unique solutions, specially designed for the industrial processes in which we must solve the energy savings or lime needs to be dealt with VPT technology. We are responsible for, and operates OEM projects in close cooperation with our clients, from start to finish.

Test unit


VPT technology can have great impacts on many industrial processes. Some we have already located, others will come gradually. Do you have a process where you think VPT can help you? No problem. You can rent equipment from our standard range and test you out on a small scale. Need help getting started? We are always on hand.

VPT - Vortex Process Technology with our vortex generator

The patented vortex generator is the foundation of all our solutions. The solutions are based on the change that occurs when water or another liquid subjected to a strong vortex. The technology is called VPT - Vortex Process Technology. Areas where VPT is used are for deaeration, lime scale treatment, mixing and aeration.




Interesting article that describes Watreco's basic idea see axioms news   for more information.
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Watreco has joined Partnership Alnarp, a collaboration between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the industry.
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The MKB project "The Future Laundry" has now started. Watreco is one of the companies that will deliver equipment when MKB is setting up this laundry at internationally known Augustenborg Eco city in Malmö.
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For the third time in three years Arenadagarna opens today and the interest for Watreco and the energy saving product Realice is really there in the market. The currently "high score" price on electricity in Sweden contributes to this interest.
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Watreco is displaying at Arenadagarna 2011 during LG Hockey Games, arranged by The Swedish Hockey Association.
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