Research & Development


Research and development, directed by an urge to provide innovative and sustainable technology to the global market, is fundamental to Watreco. R&D is performed both in-house and together with external research institutes and universities. The work is being done in three main categories:

  • Analysis of the vortex process itself in order to understand and quantify observed phenomena as well as to optimize the technology.
  • Identify and quantify effects on the flowing medium (main focus on water so far), creating explanation models for the altered characteristics and connecting them to applications.
  • Follow up and measure observations in terms of energy savings, water savings, increased yields, reduced chemical usage, better process performance etc. This is performed in-house but foremost together with field experts, scientific expertise and customers.

The complex and biomimetic shapes inside Watrecos products demand development also in the production area. Recently, state of the art CAD technology has been adopted for both prototyping and production. This facilitates a direct connection between design, testing and production.